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2 June 2020
The arrival of WEAVE introduces a change of paradigm in the way the ING makes WHT time available to the user community. Having successfully supported PI-driven science for 33 years, some 20 years into the era of 10-m telescopes, we adopt for WEAVE a model based on massive surveys: approved WEAVE surveys take up to 70% of the WHT time for five years after WEAVE commissioning. We plan to retain the old WHT functionality over the remaining 30% of the time, in which the ING communities may apply to their national time allocation committees (TACs) for PI projects using most-demanded instrumentation (WEAVE, ISIS, ACAM, LIRIS) as well as visitor instruments and technology demonstrators. 
A paper is available describing ING's plans for how surveys and open time share the WHT time in the surveys era. Having received feedback from the WEAVE surveys team and the Chairs of the national TACs, the paper has the approval of the ING national partners. We encourage all future WHT users to read it in order to learn about the opportunities provided by the new model.
The paper is available for download from http://www.ing.iac.es/astronomy/whttime.html <http://www.ing.iac.es/astronomy/whttime.html>.

On 7th November 2019 we issued an Announcement of Opportunity for WHT observing in semester 20A, noting 'Following re-scheduling of a WHT standdown for pre-installation work on WEAVE, most of 2020A has become available for science. Applicants can assume that the usual A-semester range of right ascensions is observable.' Since then, all telescope activity has stopped for over two months due to the COVID-19 lockdown, and ING is giving priority to telescope downtime for WEAVE preparation activities in response to progress in each of the WEAVE subsystems. We regret to inform successful proposers that completion of their programmes in 20A is not planned. Only in the event of serious setbacks with WEAVE integration we would consider carrying out such 20A scientific programmes, in service mode, during July and possibly August. 

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